A new payment method

Thanks to the CMS plugins and to the API RESTful you can now integrate the
Squeezol Technology on any platform with the
already existing payment solutions.

How to integrate Squeezol
on a e-commerce website

In this section you can find all the API Squeezol documents. Why do you need them? The Squeezol RESTful API allow the developer to quickly create the code that is necessary to manage the payments between a group of users.
Their great flexibility allow you to implement unconventional payment scenario in complete safety thanks to Oauth2. Each type of operation made through API requires a verified Squeezol Account.

Programming languages supported

Python Django




Download the V1.3 documentation

(English version)

Plugin CMS available

The development of CMS plugins and API for the principal programming languages is continuously updated. If the programming language or CMS you use for your e-commerce is not available please contact us.

Richiedi Squeezol Sandbox

In this section you can request the activation of the Squeezol services. Fill in the following form, give your email and your business name and request the activation. You will be contacted by the Team of Squeezol on completion of the procedure.